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Health & Safety

Huge machinery, hazardous substances, blocked escape routes - as part of safety tours or occupational safety audits in industrial plants, unsafe situations have to be documented on a daily basis and processed accordingly. But notes taken by hand are usually inaccurate and not transparent enough for subsequent processes. 5thIndustry has now developed the app 5i.Safety for seamless and real-time safety audits. With the app, dangerous situations, such as exposed live cables, can be communicated to those responsible in real time through photos and videos so that they can react immediately. "Unsafe situations are thus detected, immediately visible and actively eliminated. At the same time, the administrative effort is reduced to a minimum.

An important step towards a ‚zero harm culture‘.

Your benefits

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    Mobile app creates transparency for employees and managers.

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    Continuous improvement through easy access to historical data, e.g. accident black spots.

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    Inspections and audits are systematically aligned with focus topics.

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    Managers monitor with a few that measures are are effective. 100% leadership engagement.

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    60 minutes saved per safety walk. 80% faster measure implementation.

Main features

    • Mobile

      • Our application is usable on any browser-enabled device from anywhere.

        You get:

        • 100% visibility into all critical tasks in the plant.
        • In real time, from anywhere.
        • 20% less admin effort.

    • Simple ticket creation

      • Record unsafe situations and easily document walk-throughs.

        60% better response speed through transparency via Kanban Board or list view.

        All your communication in one ticket from detection to closure of the safety issue or near miss.

    • Reusable audits and safety inspections

      • Plan Q-audits and inspections in a targeted manner and check completion - without any paperwork. 20% less admin effort.


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Provider information

5thIndustry stands for a new way of working in the factory. The apps in our 5i.Manufacturing Excellence Cloud are designed to be flexible - so collaboration in the factory succeeds in a fully digital and integrated way. Whether production or support areas such as quality management, maintenance or occupational safety: employees work highly efficiently in an intuitive digital environment. Data is dynamically available anytime and anywhere. This brings transparency and reaction speed to a new level. At last, people take center stage and are actively involved in the design and further development of their digital working environment.