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Senseye™ is cloud-based software for Predictive Maintenance. It helps manufacturers and industrial companies to avoid downtime and save money by automatically forecasting machine failure without the need for expert manual analysis.

Its unique and proprietary machine-learning algorithms allow it to be used on any machine from any manufacturer, taking information from existing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors and platforms to automatically diagnose failures and uniquely provide the Remaining Useful Life (RUL) of machinery.

Your benefits

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    You become an expert

    We believe in supporting our partners and customers best by sharing all our knowledge and experience about each phase and step in projects. This also makes it possible to carry out projects completely independently of Senseye and promotes independence in projects.

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    Unparalleled scalability

    Senseye PdM uses state-of-the-art Machine Learning approaches to do this automatically and without user intervention, so you can predictively maintain thousands of machines across multiple sites quickly and at scale.

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    Maintainer focused

    Senseye PdM is designed to be used very easily and directly by maintenance personnel in the workshop or remotely.

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    Industry leader integration

    Senseye has an unmatched global partner network supporting everything from sensor specification and commissioning to ongoing service and support with leading industrial integrators and manufacturers.

Main features

    • What makes Senseye unique?

      • Senseye PdM is based on decades of experience in condition monitoring from industries such as aerospace and defense. We've put that knowledge and experience into the AI powering Senseye PdM, so it not only knows what to look for, but continuously learns from your unique machine and maintenance team behaviors. These algorithms can analyze any type of component, machine or system - and in unlimited numbers! We accompany you on your unique path to predictive maintenance.

    • Asset Details

      • Contains all the information about certain asset since its onboarding. On the top of the page the user can see Asset ID and sensor list, as well as the Attention chart, and bellow is the full list of measures, associated with that asset. The Prognostics Widget at the top right corner is displaying the possibility for intervention if a forecast is available, and the Timeline contains the full history of the asset in chronological order– any raised insights, cases, work event and notes, and can be filtered by type.

    • Attention-Index

      • Senseye PdM is capable of monitoring thousands of connected assets, detecting abnormal behaviour and patterns that match known failure modes. This information is used to calculate the Attention Index for every asset, allowing the system to direct users' attention to the assets that need it most.

    • Explore Asset List

      • List of all the assets at a certain lever of the hierarchy, organized in order of their Attention Index, with information about their insights and alerts.


    • Ideal for OEM machine builders in maintenance, production and new business models
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    Individual Product Demo
    • Ideal for all companies that would like an individual web presentation of Senseye.
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Provider information

Senseye, the leading machine health management company is headquartered in the UK, with regional offices around the world, enabling predictive maintenance at global scale.

Senseye™, derived from ‘Sensei’ (先生), signifies guidance and authority.

Senseye™ comes from the Japanese word ‘Sensei’ (先生). Used in martial arts, it means Teacher or Master. Our company roots are linked to Japan as a tribute to Japanese engineering and quality programs leveraged by our founders in their past experiences.

As a company Senseye believes that our customers can learn and master Industry 4.0 best practices and implement true digital transformation becoming “Sensei” with our technology and methodologies.