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The "ADAMOS IIoT Platform powered by Software AG" provides both the elementary infrastructure and the basic functionalities for the development and operation of digital services and their efficient creation. Through the platform, you know what your machines need, how efficiency improvements are possible and can thus control and optimize processes.

Your benefits

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    Quick start

    The ADAMOS IIoT platform is up and running in minutes after connecting to your machines and equipment. Create interactive real-time dashboards for your customers or define rules.

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    Real-time analytics for production

    Make quick decisions based on real-time analytics. With the IIoT platform, anomalies are detected, reported or prevented in time - predestined for solutions such as condition monitoring or predictive maintenance.

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    Open & flexible

    Use an open IIoT platform to connect your machines or plants. Functionalities are provided by independent yet interconnected modules that can be freely selected - depending on the requirements of your app.

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    Easy integration

    Effortlessly integrate core enterprise systems, applications and processes for seamless data flow. Combine information and data from disparate systems to make better decisions.

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    Cloud | Edge | On-Premise

    Deploy the platform in the cloud, on-premise, or locally as an edge, depending on your use case and customer needs. Develop applications and analytics dashboards once and roll them out across all environments without making coding changes.

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    Customization via microservices

    On the ADAMOS IIoT platform, you can easily add new features and quickly deploy them anywhere - on the edge, in any cloud, or on-premise.

Main features


      • Automated data synchronization with services of ADAMOS Hub for convenient and fast application development.


      • Detect anomalies in production by analyzing real-time data streams using intelligent algorithms.


      • Easily develop, intuitively manage, and execute machine learning models.


      • Unlimited data storage as the basis for big data analysis.


      • Easy implementation of cloud integration scenarios and connection of IIoT applications to the existing IT landscape (ERP, MES, etc.).


      • Create, manage, deploy, and monitor APIs for controlled information exchange.


      • Creation of individual and modular applications based on modern container management technology.


    Free Trial
    • Ideal for anyone who would like to test at zero risk and costs.
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      30-day free trial version to allow you to try the product and zero risk and cost.

    • Ideal for self-users who do not want to pass the platform on to their end customers.
    • billed monthly
    • Including
    • person unlimited number Users

    • Ideal for companies with annual sales of less than 300 million euros.
    • billed monthly
    • Including
    • person unlimited number Users

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      Devices are billed separately.

Provider information

For modern enterprises, software is the ultimate value driver. That’s why we set out to become the software pioneers of a truly connected world. It is our mission to empower you to become a truly connected enterprise. Using our industry-leading suite of products across integration & API management, IoT & analytics and business transformation, we create a fluid flow of data between people, departments, systems, and devices.

We’re not new to this. Since 1969 we’ve been dedicated to integrating and connecting everything to help more than 10,000 businesses instantly see, decide, act — and thrive.