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CELOS CONNECTOR MANAGEMENT (CCM) is the central configuration application for the DMG MORI IoTconnector and the applications connected to it. The installation is done on a Windows PC. Communication takes place via Ethernet, therefore CCM and DMG MORI IoTconnector must be operated in the same network segment. A DMG MORI IoTconnector is required.

Your benefits

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    Remote configuration from workstation

    Easy remote access to the DMG MORI IoTconnector from your workstation.

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    Configuration of the machine data interface

    Switching protocols on and off, such as OPC-UA, MTConnect or MQTT. Configuration of data points or the interface to DMG MORI.

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    Monitor security status

    Monitor security status of DMG MORI IoTconnector. Monitoring of virus scanner (date of antivirus signature, last executed scan) and Windows events with alert function.

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    Status bar

    Clear overall status of all important functions and configurations of the DMG MORI IoTconnector at a glance.

Main features

    • Clear overall status

      • The always displayed status bar gives the user a very good overview of the following statuses:

        • CCM application
        • Software status
        • Ethernet X1 (customer interface)
        • Ethernet X2 (machine interface)
        • Ethernet X3 (local customer interface)
        • WLAN (optional)
        • LTE (optional)
        • NETservice
        • Machine data

        This allows the user to see at a glance the status from the DMG MORI IoTconnector.

    • Network settings

      • The correct network settings are important for the integration of the DMG MORI IoTconnector into the customer network. This clear function enables network settings for the following network interfaces:

        • Ethernet X1 (customer network)
        • Ethernet X2 (machine)
        • WIFI (optional)
        • Proxy
        • Routing
        • Diagnostics

    • Security

      • DMG MORI takes IT security for products very seriously. A number of security measures were implemented during the development of the DMG MORI IoTconnector. On this overview page, parts of these measures are transparent. These include:

        • Overview of network profiles
        • Status of the Unified Write Filter
        • Virus scanner

        The Windows event monitoring is evaluated. In the case of certain events, such as multiple incorrect logins to the Windows system, the DMG MORI operations team is informed by corresponding alarms in DMG MORI Device Management so that the customer can be addressed.

        Prerequisite: The DMG MORI IoTconnector has Internet access.

    • Device Management

      • Updates and bug fixes are applied to the DMG MORI IoTconnector via DMG MORI Device Management. The customer benefits from fast and uncomplicated function enhancements and bug fixes.

        Some updates, such as Windows updates or machine data interface, require the customer's consent. This can be easily given here.

        In combination with our customer portal myDMGMORI, even the update strategy can be defined.

    • Machine data Interface

      • The machine data interface is one of the central functions of the DMG MORI IoTconnector and makes machine data available in the customer network as OPC-UA, MTConnect or MQTT protocol. This makes it easy to connect DMG MORI applications, such as DMG MORI Messenger, or third-party applications, such as MES systems.

        The configuration of this machine data interface is done via the CCM.


    • Ideal for all companies who want to make use of the IoTconnector at the full extent.
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      Clear overall status

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      Network configuration

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      Advanced security mechanisms

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      Automatic updates

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      Machine data interface

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      DMG MORI IoTconnector is required

Provider information

DMG MORI is a leading global manufacturer of machine tools and a provider of future-oriented technology solutions. In the DMG MORI STORE, we offer our customers fast and direct access to digital "end-to-end" solutions as a subscription model. With our integrated range of software tools, we ensure that machine tools are more productive, future-proof and therefore more sustainable, and create greater transparency, efficiency and higher quality for our customers.