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The advanced software solution provides a data core of applicable real-time data. Barriers are dissolved, as Connectware interconnects your production with your IT, any application and system. One central source delivers all assets and resources to digitalize your factory at once.

Your benefits

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    Connectware provides omnidirectional global data flow and seamless connectivity. Using pre-installed drivers, every machine, plant and PLC can be integrated quickly and easily for your use cases.

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    High Availability

    Despite massive data loads, the locally installed Connectware remains robust against production downtime.

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    As a technology-neutral layer, Connectware operates completely vendor- and supplier-independent.

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    Cutting-edge technology

    Specialized for industry, Cybus uses the most modern technologies such as Docker containers, Infrastructure-as-Code and Kubernetes.

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    The technology-neutral layer decouples data collection from data usage and generates absolute data sovereignty and security.

Main features

    • Global Data Flow

      • Any data is collected, preprocessed and standardized highly secure and in near real-time at the edge. Translated into MQTT, all your machine data is aggregated on one single platform and centrally distributed to your cloud, into databases or your enterprise systems. Connectware's omnidirectional functionality allows you an any-to-any global data flow and seamless connectivity.

    • One Central Platform

      • Connectware establishes a global data architecture and creates one single platform for any configuration, deployment and application. This lowers your IT architecture's complexity while accelerating your workflows, rollouts and digital projects.

    • Integrates to existing environment

      • Connectware smoothly fits into your existing technology and data infrastructure. It brings all benefits of digitalisation and connectivity into your shop floor without resetting or rebuilding already implemented investments. Beyond, your running PLCs and production is not touched and Connectware is easily deployed without downtime.

    • Availability and Power

      • Particularly designed for the discrete and process industry, Connectware guarantees constant availability and power. Autonomous load distribution and agents assure nearly zero downtime in your production.

    • Independence

      • Shop floors are highly heterogeneous with incompatible technologies needed to be integrated. While some enterprises solve this challenge by providing solutions, which are fully compatible with each other, their customers face a vendor lock-in and strong dependence on their products and services. Connectware breaks this interdependence by establishing a technology-neutral layer. It works fully independent of any manufacturer or provider, integrates the most heterogeneous assets and delivers free gateways to any system. Users stay flexible and win the freedom to switch to more modern technologies or solutions anytime.

    • Deployed at the Edge

      • Running on the edge, Connectware enables near real-time data handling and near zero latency, while giving you the chance to work with heavy data load or start your digitalisation securely with digital projects on the edge.


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Provider information

Driven by independence. Inspired by creativity and collaboration.
The Industrial IoT company Cybus turns a connected, digital production of the future into reality by enabling the universal usage of real-time data from discrete and process manufacturing.

Manufacturing companies use the Manufacturing Data Platform “Connectware” to realize their diverse smart factory use cases - universally for every machine, plant and application. The technology-neutral layer provides access to all machine data and shop floor devices (such as sensors, PLCs and many more) and seamlessly connects them with all systems, databases and clouds. In this way, IIoT use cases such as traceability, condition monitoring or predictive maintenance can be easily tested, implemented and scaled up. The highlight here is that users retain full control over their production data at all times thanks to state-of-the-art data management and user rights management. In addition to absolute flexibility, Connectware users gain a level of scalability through Cybus' most modern technologies that outshines the digitalization effort of other factories.

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