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The Digital Teamboard is a digital Shopfloor Management solution for the manufacturing industry. Through seamless data integration, it generates KPI dashboards and aggregates them up to the management level. Based on this, deviations are identified, prioritized and eliminated in a structured manner with the help of Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA).

Your benefits

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    Display key figures and messages from the manufacturing processes in dashboards in Digital Teamboard. Immediately identify deviations and derive measures from them.

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    Use the built-in analysis tools to prioritize deviations and disruptions. Be sure to always work on the most urgent problems and thus sustainably increase productivity.

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    Quickly plan remediation and improvement actions, assign responsibilities and increase your ROI. If things get stuck, built-in escalation tools provide the management attention you need.

Main features

    • Transparency with KPIs

      • All important information clearly arranged at a glance: KPIs, deviations, problem solutions and measures in one place. Individually defined KPIs help you maintain an overview. Recognize deviations immediately and derive measures from them.

        Using the Industrial IoT platform sphinx open online enables a smooth and uncomplicated connection of KPIs from other IT systems, such as SAP, a variety of MES, SQL databases, OPC UA, Excel files, CSV files and many other IT systems. This way, KPIs are automatically calculated in the Digital Teamboard and you save valuable time in administration.

        Design your individual Shopfloor Cascade: Aggregate KPIs upwards, escalate measures along the hierarchy and visualize the right information on the Shopfloor Boards at any time.

    • Deviation analysis

      • Record deviations directly and escalate them to the affected team through automated deviation recording from KPIs.

        The digital store floor workflow supports you in analyzing and processing deviations and incidents. Get an immediate overview of the TOP issues using deviation analytics.

        By linking deviations with measures and problem solutions, transparent traceability is guaranteed.

    • Structured problem-solving

      • Forget cumbersome processes and think of structured problem solving in a whole new way: Our digital problem-solving process is based on the well-known Toyota approach and is method-oriented.

        By using different procedures for structured problem solving, you always have the right tool for your problem at hand! Develop alternative solutions and check their effectiveness using Plan-Do-Check-Act.

        Easy access to key figures or already solved problems through our digital problem-solving assistant! With it, you can quickly access relevant information from your production area!

    • Implement immediate actions

      • All actions and tasks in one place!

        Thanks to the web application, you can easily and quickly manage your actions and fixes. Thanks to it, you can intervene and delegate from anywhere - whether on the road or from the office.

        Use intelligent tags (keywords) to evaluate common error causes! You can do this by automatically assigning actions to products and variants and accelerate the processes enormously!

        Using rules, you can easily automate visualizations and workflows by automatically assigning labels to actions or automatically escalating overdue actions to the next level.

    • Additional features

      • Cloud-native

        • Digital Teamboard can be accessed from anywhere
        • Device-independent - optimized for large displays, desktops and tablets

        Customizable to your organization

        • Map your organization and metrics on the Digital Teamboard
        • Reasons for disruptions and deviations can be individually customized

        Networking with your IT system landscape

        • Use data from your ERP, MES or BDE for digital store floor management
        • Import of Excel & Sharepoint lists

        Further development & support

        • Continuous further development of the Digital Teamboard
        • Fast & helpful support


    Free Trial
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      30-days free trial version

    Digital Teamboard
    • Ideal for all companies that want to take their digital Shopfloor Management to the next level.
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      KPIs & Dashboards

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      Meeting Assistant

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      Deviation Management

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      Knowledge Management

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      Adapter Manual KPI Collection

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      Excel-/ CSV-Adapter

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      Optionally bookable modules available

For all Editions

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    The Digital Teamboard as well as all optional modules are licensed and invoiced per team (team license).

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    Optionally bookable modules and features: Connectivity (Individual KPI Calculation, SQL-/ OPC-UA-/ MQTT-/ REST-Adapter), Problem Solving, Sustainability Audits, Process Confirmations, Skill Matrix, Standard Operating Procedure, Pareto Analysis.

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    Optionally bookable services: KPI Extension (50 add. KPIs. Standard: 10 KPIs/ Team), User Extension (50 add. Users. Standard: 20 Users/ Team), Archival of KPIs for 1 add. year (Standard: 2 years), Hosting on Corporate Cloud (as tenant), Hosting on Premises.

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    You can find further information about the modules in the pricing overview.

Provider information

The Digital Teamboard is a digital shop floor management solution from SFM Systems based in Darmstadt, Germany. Since 2018, SFM Systems has been offering manufacturing companies a system for the fast and effective detection of deviation in production. SFM Systems combines lean management methods with Industry 4.0 and provides customers with data analysis, systematic problem solving and artificial intelligence.