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With Service Express, you have a central, integrated knowledge management system that structures and bundles all your service knowledge in the company in a central location across all data sources, documents and media. Based on your own industry-, product- and company-specific terms, your service technicians will always find the right information - either as explicit and structured solution knowledge or within their existing documents.

Your benefits

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    Service knowledge at the touch of a button

    Automatic completion of search queries, sorting by relevance, suggestions for topic-related documents, synonym recognition and consideration of subject-specific terms - the global search function brings real benefits thanks to AI algorithms.

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    Central access

    Control access to documents according to the service level with the individually customizable roles and rights system.

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    Information provision without data silos

    With a single login, employees have immediate access to all service-relevant information - no matter where and in what format it is stored.

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    Mobile data access without restrictions

    Without any functional difference to the desktop version, employees in the field can use all functions - even offline thanks to fully automated data synchronization.

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    Service quality independent of employee qualifications

    Allow new colleagues to work independently more quickly and enable training-on-the-job instead of isolated, expensive training measures.

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    Immediate help instead of a second trip

    Targeted question dialogs guide through case resolution to isolate problems faster and ensure the right course of action at all times. Technicians are shown the right information, so that even rare or difficult cases are solved directly and documented digitally.

Main features

    • Improved ticket processing in hotline and support

      • Empolis Service Express delivers sophisticated and effective support to companies providing hotline support to their customers, partners and end users. Thereby the entire process is supported holistically - from acceptance and tips for communicating with the customer to closure and documentation of the solution. The employee works out of their comfort zone, as they always have all the relevant information in view at all times.

    • Faster repairs in field service

      • Service technicians at the customer site need all relevant information and have no influence on whether they can work online or offline. Often, access to and use of information information is complicated by the fact that only specific devices, notebooks, tablets, etc. can be used or very detailed information is required for diagnostic procedures.

        Empolis Service Express offers an excellent solution here, as the app can be used without Internet access. Also here, the simple connection of third-party systems facilitates integration with ERP systems in order to take into account resource planning or reconciliation with the spare parts catalog while the service order is being processed. At the same time, all information from the field can be fed back into the system, for example in the form of service reports or feedback, in order to initiate further improvements and continuously expand the system.

    • Reduce ticket volume with self-service

      • A frequent use case of Empolis Service Express is self-service via a homepage. Here, only selected documents or paths within the decision trees can be selectively published through special authorization structures.

        This ensures that customers or external partners solve as many problems as possible independently, while at the same time only secure and reproducible information is published. is published. In addition, such a platform offers excellent opportunities to interact with customers, to record problems and wishes more precisely, and to establish a customer dialog that goes far beyond the mere provision of information.

        In addition, intelligent assistants such as chatbots can be easily created, linked to Empolis Service Express and integrated into your website. Your customers get effective self-help assistance and can solve a large number of queries on their own. This additionally reduces the number of inquiries in the support center and allows you to focus on complex cases.


    Empolis Service Express Schneider Heavy Tools Demo
    • Ideal for anyone who would like to get a guided introduction free of charge.
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      We'll make an appointment with you and demonstrate the Service Express functions that are most relevant to you.

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      Determine the individual benefit in a 3-month test phase, test under real conditions.

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      Workshop to analyze requirements, define metrics, determine use cases

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      Acceptance to configure the system

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      Agreement on technical parameters

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      Continuous support by personal contact person

    Empolis Service Express Starter
    • The intelligent knowledge base for faster problem solving.
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    Empolis Service Express Professional
    • The modular solution for all areas including your field service.
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Provider information

Empolis is a leading supplier of smart information management software for comprehensive creation, management, analysis, intelligent processing and provision of all information relevant to a company’s business processes. Empolis pursues the intelligent combination of knowledge and content management in accordance with the motto: “DECIDE. RIGHT. NOW.”

Many national and international companies as well as public sector institutions rely on Empolis solutions and the company’s comprehensive industry and process experience. These include ABB, BMW, Bosch, Bundesverwaltungsamt, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, Homag, Koenig & Bauer, Kuka, MAN Energy Solutions und Vodafone. Currently, around 500 Empolis installations exist around the world, and nearly 700,000 professional users rely on Empolis solutions on a daily basis to serve approximately 40 million end customers.

Empolis is also an associate of the DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence) and a member of the Science und Innovation Alliance Kaiserslautern (SIAK) advisory board.