EVOMECS Toolmanagement Control (On-Premises)

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Bring transparency in real time to your tool management with consistency from the CAM system to the machine control and thus leverage significant potential for rationalization. The EVOMECS Toolmanagement Control (TMC), is not just another digital tool management. It offers significant advantages over conventional systems due to the large amount of data consistency:

  • Reduction of administrative effort and media breaks
  • Significant cost savings
  • Exclusion of machine failures
  • Significant time saving
  • Significant increase in machine run times

Your benefits

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    Reduction of administrative effort and media breaks

    through interfaces to CAM systems, preset devices, order picking systems and machine controls.

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    Significant cost savings

    through transparent, optimized and consolidated tool inventory, since each individual physical tool is managed digitally with a large number of production data.

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    Exclusion of machine failures

    through digital data transfer of all relevant tool data to the machine control system.

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    Significant time savings

    by eliminating the inefficient search for required tools through digital warehouse management.

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    Significant increase in machine run time

    through smooth tool change in the magazine, even during operation.

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    Strategically expandable

    through the additional modules MECS and Jobmanagement from the EVOMECS Software-Suite.

Main features

    • Tool database

      • EVOMECS Toolmanagement Control (TMC) offers a complete database of tools that can be used as a leader if required. Complete tools from the individual components, such as basic holders, intermediate holders and cutting edges can be created and managed via an editor.

        We regard the CAM system as the most efficient point to start off with EVOMECS TMC (special tools, automation). Using other sources, EVOMECS TMC checks the consistency of the tool information, e.g. length, diameter, corner radius. This increases production reliability.

    • Tool data consolidation

      • The tool data from all databases or sources are consolidated by EVOMECS TMC, which is the prerequisite for the creation of digital twins.

    • Tool identification

      • Each physical tool in production is provided with a unique chip (Data Matrix, QR, RFID…) and stored in the database. This means that every tool has a digital twin and all the data that it generates in production is assigned to it. Machines, cabinets, wagons, etc. are managed in EVOMECS TMC as a storage location. The tools are "linked" to storage locations via the "LinkApp", conveniently with a standard smartphone.

    • Connecting existing CAM systems

      • Existing tool databases of the CAM systems can be connected bidirectionally (depending on the CAM system) with EVOMECS TMC. In this way, you always have a uniform and synchronized database in programming and production.

    • Preset device connection

      • Connect your existing preset device to EVOMECS TMC and measure your tools with little effort. Link the tool to be measured to the preset device without contactless (Data Matrix, QR, RFID…). EVOMECS TMC does the rest in the background: the measurement data is stored digitally for each tool.

    • Milling machine connection

      • Link your tools to your milling machine. The previously stored measurement data is written to the tool table of the controller by EVOMECS TMC. The manual and error-prone input of measurement data is no longer necessary. All data that is now generated on the machine is automatically assigned to this tool by EVOMECS TMC. You get full transparency about your tools in real time.


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    • Meet an expert and see the benefits of EVOMECS tool management in a live online demo.
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      Meet an expert and see the benefits of EVOMECS tool management in a live demo online.

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      The setup fee includes the license fee for the basic system and the license fee for one machine

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      The annual flat fee includes the maintenance service

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      The service for setting up the system is charged separately

    • For all companies that want to connect more than one machine.
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      Contact us to get a quote for using the software with more than one machine.

Provider information

The EVOMECS Software-Suite consists of the components Toolmanagement Control (TMC), MECS and Jobmanagement and consistently connects existing production resources, such as CNC milling machines, milling tools, presetting devices, manual workstations, but also CAM systems and ERP systems.

The individual modules can be introduced step by step and, in the full expansion stages, enable complex production resources such as CNC milling machines to be started conveniently from a smartphone.

The technological architecture enables fast and smooth integration, which is why the system can also be introduced and operated economically by very small companies (less than 20 employees). In the future, companies using EVOMECS Software-Suite will be able to easily and administratively share orders and resources with other companies, making them even more resilient.