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Whether you want to search for potential suppliers, attract new customers or present your own company – m-hub is your one-stop solution for the plastics industry.

Gain global visibility in the plastics industry and promote your company by offering products, solutions and machines. Registration is free for users and companies. Don't miss out - we are growing fast with 1,000 new users and hundreds of newly registered companies every month.

Your benefits

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    Grow your business network

    m-hub is a global network that works cross-industry. You gain access to more than 3,000 registered partners from over 100 countries and share a common vision with over 16,000 subscribers. And the network is growing fast - 1,000 new users and newly registered companies a month.

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    Promote your business

    Create a detailed performance overview of your company and offer products, services and machines. Categorize your offering with our intelligent categorization facility. Show available capacities of your offering and specify according costs.

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    Always stay up-to-date

    Receive weekly updates about new companies and products on the platform. Get the latest news from the plastics industry in the application's own newsfeed.

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    Direct network communication

    Use the in-app chat to directly contact potential partners. There are no intermediaries. Access the message history to keep track of your partner communication.

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    User-friendly 360° platform

    m-hub profiles are accessible via both web and mobile applications. Access your network and facilitate your business from anywhere in the world at any time.

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    Broad language support

    The network has no language barriers. m-hub already supports many languages, such as English, Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, Russian, Indonesian, Czech, Polish and Arabic.

Main features

    • Attractive company presentation

      • With your own profile on m-hub

        Create your own profile on m-hub with just a few clicks. Defining your core business and competencies makes it easier for other users to find your company in search queries. The use of a premium account gives you access to the Feature function and increases your visibility on the platform.

        • Highlight your strengths by adding your competencies and describing your services
        • Optionally, you can customize your profile with your company logo, a background image, certificates and much more
        • Take advantage of the free support for creating a profile
        • Benefit from the features of the premium account

    • Insights into your portfolio

      • In the overall overview and in detail

        You can present your range of services in detail to give potential customers information about your core expertise under the tab "Core Business". Classifying your services in the appropriate categories means that other uses will be able to find you more easily when searching.

        • Clear overview of services in the gallery preview
        • Add products and services and supplement them with pictures and more detailed information
        • Select individual fields of application

    • Practical search function

      • Fast and uncomplicated

        The intelligent search function enables you to find the right partner for your requirements within a very short time via m-hub. Use the sophisticated business filters to search for special companies, machines or core competencies.

        • Buy, sell and rent plastic processing machines worldwide
        • General and extended search with practical filter categories for companies, products and machines
        • View available capacities at a glance

        (Machines and Products search currently available only on the App)

    • Show your machinery

      • Including availability and costs

        Show potential new customers your production capacities, including availability and budget. In this way, you reduce the effort involved in finding a partner on both the client and contractor side and are no longer dependent on intermediaries.

        • Add your own machines into the application: Select a category, enter availability, enter technical details
        • Indicate the availability and price of your machines and make your production capacity available to the market.
        • Establish a direct connection with the buyer or seller

        Currently available only on the App

    • The plastics industry is in your hands

      • Connect worldwide with m-hub

        m-hub enables you to network with over 10,000 companies in the plastics industry worldwide. In order to make it easier for you to communicate across national borders, all content added by users can be translated into your own language in the application. Thanks to weekly notifications, you will be regularly informed about new companies on the platform, new products and general industry news.

        • Read news and articles about the plastics industry
        • In-application chat: communicate directly with potential partners and keep track of all conversations with your business contacts
        • Stay up to date with newly established companies and new products through our weekly notifications

    • Competitive pricing

      • Take advantage of the most updated and fastest-growing platform in the plastics industry. Promote your Company and get in touch with new partners with a few clicks.

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    • Ideal for all companies who would like to easily find new business partners in the plastics industry.
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Provider information

m-hub is your one-stop search for potential suppliers, customers and partners in the plastics industry. Launched during the 2019 K-show in Düsseldorf, M-HUB was born as an easy-to-use business tool to break barriers within the plastic supply chain and help plastic professionals take a step towards a digital future. M-HUB started as a mobile app to help professionals easily access information in their industry on the go. However, once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it quickly pivoted to a web-based platform to make things easier for those people working from home or from the office. Within M-HUB everyone in the plastics industry - marketers, sales representative entrepreneurs, engineers, etc… - can create a free account and browse one of the largest databases of plastics companies in the world, ranging from the early stages of the supply chain to the very end customers. M-HUB aims to be the "Google for plastics", and with 18,000 professionals and 10,000 companies registered, growing every month, that goal is closer than ever.