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Maintenance Intelligence

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Pre-configured solution that helps manage critical assets more effectively by using pre-trained algorithms and providing insights for asset performance. Artificial Intelligence based pattern recognition of error states which triggers associated countermeasures for maintenance scheduling or paperless maintenance. AI-based assurance of maintenance procedures to increase quality and safety.

Your benefits

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    Real-time predictions

    Predictive models are integrated with a real-time analytics and IoT platform (e.g. MS Azure, Siemens MindSphere, etc.) that uses real-time data from machine sensors to predict failure risk and time to next maintenance.

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    Dynamic maintenance planning

    Real-time predictions can be used to increase equipment uptime and reduce lifecycle costs by optimizing longer overhaul intervals without compromising operational reliability or motor efficiency.

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    Preventive solutions

    At the highest level of PdM 4.0, the algorithm not only predicts when a failure is likely to occur, but also draws from a library of standard maintenance tasks to suggest the best action to avoid such a failure. It can even perform such tasks, for example, by automatically issuing the appropriate work order.

Main features

    • Predictive Maintenance in Production

      • Provides insights to increase production quality and efficiency by utilizing Advanced Analytics and ML

        • Real-time application providing insights concerning machine failures and tool fractures.
        • Enables a dynamic adjustment of boundary values to supersede time and cost intensive manual refinements.

    • Long-term Reliability

      • Portal that analyses machine reliability level on an aggregated and plant specific level.

        • Tracks maintenance issues, their corrective measures, and respective downtime for better transparency and pattern detection
        • Intelligent suggestion of root causes for failed maintenance

    • Maintenance Execution

      • Portal that tracks maintenance instances and related information

        • Smart re-scheduling and task assignment with tracking of task fulfillment
        • Integrated mobile application

    • Maintenance Performance

      • Portal with individual and aggregated maintenance data across plants and BUs.

        • Intelligent suggestion of root causes for failed maintenance
        • Identify anomalies in real-time

    • Maintenance History

      • Paperless maintenance history on machine level.

        • Digitalized maintenance book
        • Derive maintenance patterns and detect accumulation of problems


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      This App is part of PwC's Factory Intelligence Suite. This edition gives access to a demo environment, that showcases an exemplary implementation of Factory Intelligence.

    Standard Edition
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      The exact scope of the engagement will be tailored to your individual setup during the configuration phase and discussed prior to payment.

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      One license grants the right to use, install and reproduce the software, as far as the respective reproduction is necessary for the contractual use. Further details can be found in the terms of use.

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