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What if you could increase the productivity of your plant with your existing equipment and decrease the cost of the goods you produce? The OEE app enables you to realize the full potential of your equipment by measuring availability, productivity, and quality consistently across machines, production lines and sites.

Your benefits

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    Accurate OEE calculation

    Accurate plant-level calculations enable OEE comparisons of entire sites and ensure that equipment and processes operate consistently across all global locations.

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    Collection of quality indicators

    Quality indicators can be collected in a variety of ways, for example, by monitoring machine parameters, evaluating alarms and events, or by manual entry.

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    Integrate operation & plan data

    Shift and production schedules can be integrated from a variety of MES, ERP and other systems.

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    Real-time data collection

    Users have real-time visibility into operational efficiency data, allowing them to identify and address issues immediately to reduce unplanned downtime.

Main features

    • Machinery overview

      • The machine park overview represents the start page of the OEE application. Here you will find aggregated information about your machinery.

    • Maschinen/Linien Dashboard - OEE Diagramm

      • The dashboard provides detailed and graphical information on the development of OEE and other parameters.

    • Machines/Lines Dashboard - Loss Diagram

      • Furthermore, possible losses are clearly displayed in a diagram according to Pareto. This enables the identification of optimization potentials.

    • Andon-Board

      • The Andon board constantly displays the values OEE, availability, performance and quality, as well as the target achievement for each unit displayed in the machine park overview.

    • Profile modifier

      • You can configure the OEE calculation individually based on your machine data points. The set of rules is kept generic for this purpose.


    • Ideal for all companies who would like to test the product for 30 days free of charge.
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      Includes a free 30 day demo of the ADAMOS IIoT Platform

    • Ideal for all companies who would like benefit from efficiency improvements permanently.
    • billed monthly
    • Including
    • person unlimited number Users

    • Edition highlights
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      OEE App requires ADAMOS IIoT Platform (sold separately in the ADAMOS STORE).

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