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The SaaS solution PRICE RADAR automatically researches market prices for the entire parts portfolio of OEMs, combining offline research at manufacturers & distributors with fully automated, AI-based online research and delivering price information from the most relevant >8,000 webshops & marketplaces in the key engineering markets (e.g. Europe, USA, Asia, Brazil).

Your benefits

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    PRICE-RADAR software searches and compares market prices automatically without manual effort.

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    PRICE-RADAR provides regular market updates so that you can always keep track of the latest developments.

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    PRICE-RADAR maps all relevant markets to enable comprehensive, market-driven spare parts pricing across the globe.

Main features

    • All your potentials at a glance

      • PRICE-RADAR Overview:

        • Analyzes which parts are overpriced or underpriced compared to market and competition
        • Provides market prices and delivery times for every part in your portfolio on a continuous basis
        • Performs continuous analysis on key competitor spare parts pricing and market strategies

    • Detailed analyses of delivery times and prices

      • PRICE-RADAR Graphs include:

        • All competing manufacturers, dealers, and online suppliers by spare part or SKU
        • Comprehensive competitive pricing, availability, and delivery times per part
        • Historical price trends by month, quarter or year

    • Data-driven pricing decisions & maximize return on invest

      • PRICE-RADAR Price Change Analysis includes:

        • Market price and delivery time changes by selected period
        • Market dynamics by part, product group, supplier or country
        • Market trend analysis and forecasting


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    • You get an overview of the most important features of our software based on made up purchased parts.
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      Extensive test possibilities based on demo data

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      Test 30 days free of charge and no contract

    • You receive transparency of prices and delivery times for 50 purchased parts of your choice.
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      50 purchased parts included

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      One-time analysis and presentation of results by a Market Pilot expert

    • You receive recurrent transparency of prices and delivery times for all your purchased parts.
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      Unlimited number of purchased parts

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      Regular research (e.g. 4x / year)

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      Extensive reporting possibilities

Provider information

As a strong team, first mover and technology leader, we revolutionize spare parts pricing with our innovative software solution, thus creating a paradigm shift for the after-sales business of machine manufacturers globally.

Close and sustainable cooperation is extremely important to us - both with our customers and partners and within the MARKT-PILOT team. We embrace an inclusive and empowering culture to accomplish our shared mission:

We provide comprehensive market, pricing, and competitive intelligence for spare parts - globally, up-to-date, and automatically. Thereby, we help our customers maximize revenue and profits sustainably while improving customer relationships.