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Production Analytics

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The app provides a real-time dashboard that visualizes whether production goals are being met and enables further analytics.

Your benefits

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    Performance Analysis

    Visualize the causes of machine downtime and identify systematic problems to improve performance.

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    Machine Stop-and-Go Analyzer

    Cockpit with up-to-the-minute display of machine stops and stop codes.

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    Alerts and KPI Monitor

    Comprehensive report on alarms, corresponding countermeasures and patterns.

Main features

    • Shop Floor Efficiency

        • Solution that tracks machine KPIs with a focus on OEE across a factory.

          • Alerting and smart activity scheduling
          • Identify potential OEE decreases
          • Analyze machine performance based on multiple machine measures individually selectable
    • Explore Performance

        • Provide visibility to root causes of machine downtime and identify systematic issues to improve performance
        • Identify reason for OEE decrease

    • Machine Stop-and-Go Analyzer

      • Cockpit displaying machine stops and stop codes accurate to the minute.

        • Capture root causes for downtime and increase coordinated collaboration to solve issues and track impact
        • Track down-time and reasons in real-time including historic information

    • Alerts and KPI monitor

      • Comprehensive report on alerts, respective counter-measures and patterns.

        • Machine level downtime analytics
        • Early issue detection through alerts
        • Preconfigured alerts specific to each person’s role to trigger timely counter-action


    • Ideal for all companies that want to test at zero cost and risk.
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    • person 10 Users

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      This App is part of PwC's Factory Intelligence Suite. This edition gives access to a demo environment, that showcases an exemplary implementation of Factory Intelligence.

    • Ideal for all companies that want to benefit permanently from efficiency gains.
    • billed one-time
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    • person unlimited number Users

    • Edition highlights
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      The exact scope of the engagement will be tailored to your individual setup during the configuration phase and discussed prior to payment.

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      One license grants the right to use, install and reproduce the software, as far as the respective reproduction is necessary for the contractual use. Further details can be found in the terms of use.

Provider information

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