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With REWO you can reduce the dependence on training and experience by documenting processes in a way that works. It’s an intuitive visual work instructions platform that drastically improves capturing, visualizing, and communicating knowledge to anyone in your ecosystem. Use REWO for capturing shopfloor knowledge or for software instructions to accelerate your digital transformation process.

Your benefits

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    Ensure Production Continuity

    Document your work processes in a way that better prepares you for any current or future production disruptions.

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    Continuous Learning

    Turn training into continuous learning by creating visual lessons and instructions that workers like to watch.

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    Remove Inconsistencies

    By digitizing and visualizing your work instructions you will improve your company’s performance and remove any inconsistencies.

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    Efficient Onboarding

    Improve your training effectiveness and at the same time reduce your training costs when adding new people to your workforce.

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    Impress Your Partners

    By going beyond how companies are documenting their processes today you will improve your company’s reputation and image.

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    Keep Your Knowledge Safe

    With our efficient documentation process and flexible deployment options your know-how will be kept safe for generations to come.

Main features


      • Intuitive authoring and distribution will speed up your work instruction creation process and thus help you save the time of your most experienced workers.

        • Built-in media processing and trimming
        • Intuitive video editor
        • Quick distribution and integration


      • Approval, versioning, and other standardization features make REWO compliant with all major industry standards (ISO, GMP,..) and help you impress auditors and partners who want to confirm your operational excellence.

        • Approval systems
        • Versioning system
        • Access control


      • Our versatile viewing options allow you to share your work instructions in a way that is best for your employees. By creating a better work environment you will be able to hire the best people in this competitive job market.

        • QR codes for quick access
        • Integration with MES systems
        • Full circle feedback loop
        • Combine instructions into digital manuals


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We help people experience things that they never thought possible by providing easy-to-use authoring & distribution tools for Virtual & Augmented Reality.