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With the Schlenker collet configurator, clamping devices can be configured easily, quickly and adapted to the machining process. This parameter with the listed advantages is explained in an easy and understandable way for the user via an info box in the respective configuration field. The configured collet is shown as a 3D animation with the appropriate order designation for the user.

Your benefits

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    Individual Configuration

    Configure the shape of the collet and type of holding mechanism for the workpiece. Choose the material and surface finish of the collet. Determine the sealing to the interior of the machine such as vulcanization and many other parameters.

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    Collet Catalog

    Choose from over 40 different collets and load the predefined configuration and adapt it to your individual requirements.

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    Support your production staff of different nationalities - the Schlenker Configurator offers you 5 different languages (German, English, Italian, Spanish and French).

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    It's free of charge

    TRY IT - the Schlenker Configurator is completely FREE for you! You can take advantage of all the benefits, without any commitment or financial investment.

Main features

    • Collet configurator overview

        • Prefilled catalog with over 40 collet types
        • 3D view of the clamping tool with configuration options
        • Saving of clamping tool configurations for the customized production order.
        • And many more features and added values, which you can also find in the main features listed below.

    • Structured menu navigation

      • The easy-to-use menu allows you to open the configurator functions and customize the configurator to your individual needs. These include:

        • Opening the collet catalog to select predefined collet types.
        • Changing the view and animation of the individually designed collet chuck
        • Saving and loading your individual collet configurations
        • Select from five available languages
        • Submitting support requests and feedback on the configurator
        • Display of price indications (if available)

    • Individual configuration of your clamping tool

      • By means of a large number of parameters, you can configure the collet individually for you. The parameters include, for example:

        • Shape of the collet and type of holding device for the tool.
        • Choice of material and surface finish of the collet chuck
        • Choice of reinforcements such as vulcanization
        • ..and many other parameters. CHECK IT OUT - the Schlenker Configurator is completely FREE!


    • Ideal for anyone who wants to configure custom collets without risk or cost.
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      The Schlenker Configurator is completely free of charge for you. There are no costs for the use at any time.

Provider information

Since its foundation in 1952 by Hans Schlenker, the Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge company has specialized entirely in the manufacturing of high-quality clamping tools.

The individuality and flexibility of Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge products has almost no limits, so the company can respond to a wide range of customer requests. 100% vertical range of manufacture guarantees e a consistently high quality and ensures the highest precision of the collets.

The individual processing steps of a collets such as turning, milling, hardening, eroding, grinding and the final processing of these takes place in the Black Forest region in Germany. The company's main products include collets, guide bushes, rotating inserts and bar feed collets for all common lathes, loading magazines and rotary transfer machines.