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Digitize work orders, guide workers, control processes weasl is a software-based worker assistance system that enables companies to optimize manufacturing processes by means of worker guidance, quality control and tracking/tracing. It makes manual work steps more efficient and helps to reduce errors and the resulting rework.

Your benefits

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    Less effort for work preparation

    Before the order execution, the worker has to gather the necessary documents or interpret printed CAD drawings and filter out the relevant information. This affects productivity and increases the risk of errors. With weasl, you can prevent this by always providing your workers with the information they need digitally.

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    Fewer errors during manual tasks

    weasl helps you to effectively avoid errors during assembly or maintenance by providing your employees with clear and unambiguous work instructions. It always has the required information ready, ensures the correct process sequence and integrates test steps. This saves you rework and costs.

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    Reduce documentation effort

    In production, continuous documentation and, increasingly, verification obligations as well as the associated efforts and costs are part of daily business. Here, too, weasl supports you by automatically logging the activities of your workers digitally. Your employees enter test and measurement values directly in the system.

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    Simplified learning processes

    Training phases cost time and also block the experienced employee who takes over the training. weasl supports your workers and significantly reduces training times by providing detailed step-by-step instructions. As a result, you ensure a consistently high level of training and your employees are productive more quickly.

Main features

    • Overview of features

        • detailed guidance for employees with digital step-by-step work instructions
        • process-safe guidance of the workers during their activities
        • quality control during order processing
        • immediate digital documentation of all work steps
        • status and progress control for transparency and traceability across all orders

    • Work plan creation

        • process editor for the creation of work plans
        • independent creation, editing and management of digital work instructions and checklists
        • mapping of sequential and also complex workflows
        • drag-and-drop function for adapting existing instructions
        • predefined templates for work instructions and checklists
        • integration of diverse media and file formats (images, drawings, videos, PDF, Excel) in the work instructions

    • Order control & order execution

        • easily manage, version and release work plans
        • overview of all open and completed orders
        • integrated status and progress control for each work order
        • digital step-by-step instructions for the guided processing of work orders

    • Documentation & verification

        • automatic logging for digital product and process documentation for each order
        • manual or automatic recording of test data, quality and environmental parameters
        • configurable input forms with optional validation of test values, forcing of alternative work instructions or locking of processes as required
        • creation of protocols, via freely customizable templates
        • statistical process control (SPC) / electronic quality control chart

    • Connectivity & operation

        • easily integrate measuring and testing tools, machines, sensors and relevant IT systems (ERP, MES)
        • exchange order data, parts lists, test values, etc. with external sources
        • easy integration of third-party systems
        • already integrated interfaces like Siemens PLC, MQTT or OpenProtokol (Atlas Copco)
        • addition of customer-specific interfaces possible
        • operation as SaaS via certified cloud provider (AWS) or in your data center possible
        • high security and data protection standards

    • User management & individual support

        • step-by-step instructions adapted to the employee's experience and qualifications, as well as the work order
        • use of the OpenID Connect standard (OIDC) for user authentication and authorization
        • integration into your existing user administration with user, role and rights structure
        • provision of a separate user administration on request


    30 days demo version
    • Ideal for all who would like to test the product at zero cost and risk.
    • billed monthly
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    • person unlimited number Users

    • Edition highlights
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      The demo version provides your with access to all basic features and allows you to test them by yourself.

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      30 Tage kostenfrei

    weasl Basic Package
    • Ideal for all who would like to use weasl to the full extent.
    • billed yearly
    • Including
    • person unlimited number Users

    • person_add_alt 10 Active users

    • Edition highlights
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      weasl Basic Package is required for the order. The basic package contains at least 5 user licenses. The booking of additional services/modules is optional.

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      Anzahl unterschiedlicher Benutzer: unbegrenzt

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      Editor zum Erstellen von Arbeitsplänen / digitalen Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitungen

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    • done

      automatische Protokollierung / Dokumentation, indiv. Protokolle

    • done

      Feedback-Funktion für Werker

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      umfangreiches Rollen-/Rechtesystem

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      Basisintegration: Zugriff auf IT-Systeme per REST-API

    weasl max
    • weasl max - Für die vollständige Integration in Ihre OT-/IT-Welt.
    • billed yearly
    • Including
    • person unlimited number Users

    • person_add_alt 1 Active user

    • Edition highlights
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      voller Funktionsumfang wie bei weasl flex

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      statistische Prozesslenkung (SPC) / Qualitätsregelkarten

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      Erweiterte Integration: Einbindung elektr. Prüfmittel und Werkzeuge, Datenaustausch über Standardprotokolle, Zugriff auf weasl per REST-API

For all Editions

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    weasl max: Mindestabnahme 5 Lizenzen

Provider information

iSAX provides integrated Industrial IoT solutions for manufacturing, logistics and service. We offer holistic solution expertise from consulting and development to the operation of customized solutions. Our experienced teams not only connect systems from the sensor to the cloud but also include the human component in the whole process. All required information and components are combined into successful Industry 4.0 scenarios.