Growth by innovation

Innovations are a requirement for increasing the productivity and maintaining competetiveness. In the ADAMOS Startup Arena, you will find exclusive insights into innovations for the industry to automate manual business processes, open up new potential and make your processes more efficient.

Startups push the digitalization of the industry. They train robots, predict machine damage, organize the factory - find your suitable app from the constantly growing range:

Augmented Reality in the industry

"I founded SPACIFIC because I believe that augmented reality is one of the technologies that will have a huge impact on us and our lives in the years to come.

Augmented reality and the sensor technology behind it have great potential to reduce costs in business processes and to present products more vividly.

It is my motivation to remove the barrier of entry for the German small and medium-sized companies by solving the technology problem for them."

XR SCAN - With the XR Scan measurement app, you digitize measurement jobs via a smart device and genereate intelligent 3D models at the touch of a button.

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XR SCENE (WEB) - With the Web AR application, you create a complete website where you embed 3D models or even animations of your products into the real world.

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XR SCENE (APP) - With the AR app XR Scene, you can showcase your products in three dimensions. At the touch of a button, you can place 3D models in any environment - location-based or location-independent as required.

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Innovation for the production

The ADAMOS STORE is a cross-vendor, digital marketplace for easy acquisition of industrial apps. The ADAMOS Startup Arena offers you the opportunity to learn about new solutions. You will gain insight into ideas, trends and movements in the field of SaaS solutions for the industry.

We present innovative solutions from areas such as production & manufacturing, costing, quality management, order planning and maintenance & service of young companies.

Digital decision-making processes for the factory of the future

"With the Digital Teamboard, Shopfloor Management becomes more than digital, it becomes faster and promotes data-driven decisions."

Link data sources across your organizations to your communication cascade and calculate KPIs. Automatic KPI collection, action management and problem-solving wizards allow you to quickly counteract deviations in the production process in a targeted manner.

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Automatically calculate prices and production times

With Spanflug Make, you can calculate prices and production times for complex turned and milled parts in just a few seconds based on CAD models and technical drawings. This way, you can reduce the costing effort by up to 90%.

Spanflug's pricing algorithm has been optimized based on hundreds of thousands of parts and is ready to use right out of the box, with no proprietary data or training phase. You can adjust the calculation settings and the machinery in just a few steps.

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AI-based fault diagnosis for machinery and equipment

VISENSE is an IIoT fault diagnosis solution for industrial machines that provides insight into visually observable machine faults. The VISENSE hardware kit can be installed on your machines within minutes and enables you to capture and analyze all relevant machine faults without much effort.

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The 5 advantages of AR remote support

1. Enhanced capabilities: With AR Remote software, you can make better use of specialists.

2. Speed: With AR Remote Support, problems can be solved faster. Instead of waiting for service personnel to arrive, the team can address the problem immediately.

3. Location-independent: Customers, companies and experts can work together regardless of location.

4. Cost-efficient: remote service applications reduce the effort to a minimum.

5. Efficient: enjoy the security and effectiveness of modern remote maintenance.

Remote Service & AR

Collaboration & knowledge sharing as well as all relevant and effective AR tools on one platform

VSight Remote connects experts to the service delivery site. Through live video and audio streams, collaboartion by markers on still images, sharing of images, PDFs and other documents in AR sessions, the expert is present - at any time on any day. Even 3D models can be displayed as virtual objects in the real world.

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Do you offer innovations for the industry?

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